Sandton Plant Hire – Since 1982

+Company Profile
Sandton Plant Hire (Pty) Ltd is the holding company of Sandton Group of companies. Through the knowledge and skills of top managers in the industry, the company has grown largely and is the link in the still growing group of companies. We employ a workforce of more than 2000 employees in the group. With world class equipment we strive for excellence and provide our customers with world a world class service.

Sandton Plant Hire Pty Ltd was incorporated in South Africa with the interests in the Mining industry. The company operates in South Africa and would like to expand to the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa in the near future.

The company operates as a contractor performing open cast mining, drilling & blasting and bulk material handling services as well as plant hire on long term (3-5 years) contracts with mining customers.

Although Sandton Plant Hire has a core group of experienced employees, we strive to find and develop new talent from the local community in which we operate. On-going training and development of individuals and groups, form a key function in the development of our human resources.

We are currently operating in various different markets of which the following are the main contributors:

  • Anthracite
  • Chrome
  • Coal
  • Gold
  • Iron Ore
+Vision and Mission


Our vision is to be the best and most reliable supplier of heavy duty plant and equipment in South Africa and neighbouring African Countries.

We will achieve our vision with our integrity and honesty intact, hard work and adherence to standards set and agreed between the company and its customers with excellent service, reliable machinery and efficient operators.

The corporation’s highest priority is the fulfilment of customer expectations through top quality products, service and industry-leading customer support.

Through our leadership we will establish and communicate our vision for the organization and exemplify our core values to guide the behaviour of all, with the aim of achieving our vision. Customer satisfaction is the most important measure of our achievement.


Our mission is to establish long term partnerships with our customers by providing them with world-class products and service to ensure timely and effective production throughout Southern Africa whilst achieving maximum profitability for the company.

We will endeavour to achieve the highest aspirations of our customers, our potential customers and the members of our organization in terms of growth, self -actualization, the striving towards wealth, the quest for identity and autonomy and the yearning for excellence.

+Safety & Maintenance
Our company policy is to spend major amount of time, effort and money in maintaining our fleet of assets, to only use vehicles/plant that is productive and well maintained. We have maintenance teams on all major sites and have workshops where major repairs and rebuilds are performed. Our fleet is upgraded on a continuous basis as to ensure proper value to our customers at all times.
Sandton Group of Companies has a well experienced group of managers, supervisors, foreman and operators. If a tender is awarded to we select a team with the expertise necessary to ensure that the project is managed with diligence, ensuring customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness.