The Sandton Group of Companies recognizes Black Economic Empowerment as a business, legal and social imperative, vital for the long term prosperity of the business community and the South African Economy at large. We have pledged our support in addressing the inequalities of the past and we be believe that this can only be achieved by aligning our goals with those of the national transformation agenda as far as possible.

Our approach to Broad Black Economic Empowerment is guided by the following convictions:

  • The diversity of our people constitutes a principle, innate strength within our business.
  • BEE initiatives provide a sound building block from which to transform and grow operations.
  • An inclusive knowledge sharing structure within our companies will lead to a more empowered organization.
  • BEE initiatives present a significant opportunity to normalize the domestic economy and to contribute to tangible economic growth.

In our efforts to create an enabling environment for BBBEE, the Sandton Group of Companies has committed itself to various empowerment initiatives including but not limited to:

  • Partnerships with 100% black owned entities like Kani Musina Investments (Pty) Ltd;
  • Training initiatives aimed at empowering employees and accelerating the development of core skills;
  • Procuring goods, services and products from companies and partners whose BEE objectives are in line with our own;
  • Compliance with Employment Equity regulations by promoting a fair working environment for all and meeting EE targets;
  • Aiming to develop and foster black small to medium sized enterprises;
  • Contributing to nation building through social upliftment initiatives both large and small.



Safety is an utmost determining factor in every facet of our operational philosophy, with a specific pertinence to productivity, reputation, employee relations and financial results. Our management is committed to maintain a healthy and safe working environment for all our employees.

With combined effort of management and employees we strive to remain with in the framework provided by the relevant health and safety acts. Our machinery represents a number of internationally renowned manufacturers whose products are designed to meet the strict emission and safety control regulations that apply to the industrialised first-world countries.

Since South Africa closely follows global standards, customers can rest assured that the products we supply meet local safety standards. Benefits derived from such high safety standards incorporate: enhanced ergonomics; improved productivity; conformance to quality standards; reduced operating cost and ultimately, client satisfaction.