about us

Company Profile

We specialize in the supply and operational management of various earthmoving, construction, mining and quarrying plant equipment. Our core services include:


To be the best and most reliable supplier of heavy-duty plant and equipment to the open cast mining and hot and bulk material handling industry in South Africa.


Our mission is to establish long term partnerships with our customers by providing them with world-class products and service to ensure timely and effective production throughout Southern Africa whilst achieving maximum profitability for the company.

We will endeavour to achieve the highest aspirations of our customers, our potential customers and the members of our organization in terms of growth, self -actualization, the striving towards wealth, the quest for identity and autonomy and the yearning for excellence.


Safety is an utmost determining factor in every facet of our operational philosophy, with a specific pertinence to productivity, reputation, employee relations and financial results. Our management is committed to maintain a healthy and safe working environment for all our employees.

With combined effort of management and employees we strive to remain with in the framework provided by the relevant health and safety acts. Our machinery represents a number of internationally renowned manufacturers whose products are designed to meet the strict emission and safety control regulations that apply to the industrialised first-world countries.

Since South Africa closely follows global standards, customers can rest assured that the products we supply meet local safety standards. Benefits derived from such high safety standards incorporate: enhanced ergonomics; improved productivity; conformance to quality standards; reduced operating cost and ultimately, client satisfaction.