Duma Manje Blasting

+Company Profile
Duma Manje Blasting commenced operations in March 2013. Our core business is supplying Drill & Blast services to the Mining and Construction Industry. Duma Manje Blasting has through hard work, quality control, commitment and ingenuity been able to vastly improve the quality of blasting services rendered to their customers.
+Vision and Mission


To be the leading Drill and Blast Company in Southern Africa through integrity, hard work and superior standards that always exceed our clients’ expectations and demands.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to establish long term healthy relationships with our customers, ensuring the customer’s requirements and standards are achieved and by working together, striving for excellence.

To ensure we uplift our work force through training and skills development.


We place high value on integrity, based on our ethical standards being honesty, mutual respect, diligence and commitment.

Business Goals and Objectives

  • Always improve on our service
  • Expand our operations in the rest of Southern Africa
  • Improve the skills and knowledge of the work force which will lead to improved lifestyle for the workers and quality of workmanship to the customer.
  • Promoting growth within the company as well as the surrounding communities.